Kim Kardashian Drops Lawsuit Against Website That Claimed She Lied About Robbery

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They go low, she goes high. After celeb gossip site Media Takeout reported that Kim Kardashian may have faked her robbery, Kim began legal proceedings to sue the outlet. But on Monday, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star dropped her lawsuit, only 10 days after the site issued an apology to the star. 


Media Takeout initially started the rumor that Kim's Paris robbery may have been nothing more than a publicity stunt for her show, which, for very obvious reasons, was hurtful to her. Her team filed a lawsuit against the site, as well as the site's owner, Fred Mwangaguhunga. The complaint stated that Kim "returned to the United States only to be again victimized, but this time by an online gossip tabloid that published a series of articles in early October 2016 referring to her [as] a liar and thief." The documents also reportedly said that Media Takeout "claimed without any factual support whatsoever, that Kardashian faked the robbery, lied about the violent assault, and then filed a fraudulent claim with her insurance company to bilk her carrier out of millions of dollars."

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Media Takeout issued an apology to Kim on October 14, which read:

After speaking to sources, including some connected to the Kardashians, and getting further details on the sequence of events -- we are now confident and without a doubt believe that Kim Kardashian was robbed as was reported to the Paris police. Anyone who is still questioning it, is wrong. We can understand how reports questioning if the robbery in fact took place can be hurtful, and so we apologize. No one deserves to go through such a traumatic experience. Kim is not just [a] celebrity, she is a person, a wife and a mother -- who in no way deserved what happened to her. We wish her the best as she emotionally recovers from the traumatic incident.

The site also broke down in four bullet points why the robbery was definitely true in an effort to undo what they did. 

Kim certainly is no stranger to gossip sites and magazines spreading falsehoods about her, but this was too far. She had just been through an incredibly traumatizing event and was attempting to recover. How could she possibly do so when people were saying that she made the entire thing up for show ratings?

Good for Media Takeout for issuing an apology, but shame on them for spreading such a vicious lie in the first place.  


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