15 Times Kim Kardashian Dressed Nothing Like a Typical Mom

Meredith Gordon | Oct 28, 2016 Celebrities

Kim KanyeKim Kardashian is the queen of social media, but even she can sometimes push the limits, as far as being really daring goes. Take her wardrobe, for instance. Kim occasionally puts on an outfit that is totally NSFW -- even if she's headed to the playground. She doesn't care what the occasion is, really -- Kim loves to show off her famous curves any chance she gets! 

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Kim's mom bod is on point, so why not show it off? Well, maybe not all of it Kim (as she's done in the past). But hey, at least she looks great! There is no denying that. And we're pretty sure her husband Kanye and the rest of the world don't mind checking out her hot ensembles. Her style may be revealing, but it's definitely iconic. 

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If anyone is willing to rock something tight, sheer, low-cut, lacy, or all of the above, it's definitely Kim Kardashian. And it's pretty empowering that she doesn't let the fact that she has kids stop her. In fact, she's probably been dressing even more sexy since she had kids. 

Here are 15 times when Kim Kardashian's mom wardrobe was pretty shocking. 

Image via Neil Warner/Splash News