Duggar Family May Have Timed Family Planning to Keep Their Show on the Air

Is it all about the fame? Or maybe even the paycheck? The Duggars have been accused yet again of exploiting themselves in order to keep their show on the air. This time, it's Jinger and Jessa who have reportedly been capitalizing upon their personal lives -- in the form of an engagement and a pregnancy.


Jinger Duggar got engaged to Jeremy Vuolo last summer, before the second season of Counting On ever even hit the air. While her sisters Jill and Jessa had short, three-month engagements each before racing down the aisle, Jinger and Jeremy haven't even announced a wedding date yet.

Some fans have speculated that they're drawing out the season, which has focused almost exclusively on their courtship and engagement.

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Now that there doesn't seem to be much a story to tell until these two walk down the aisle, Jessa (Duggar) Seewald has announced her second pregnancy. It came much more quickly than expected, and this new little bundle will only be about 15 months younger than Spurgeon.

Is it possible that she jumped on the baby bandwagon that much sooner just to guarantee a third season of Counting On?

Ratings have declined since 19 Kids and Counting's heyday, and the show has been a PR debacle for TLC, as multiple advertisers pulled their commercials from any and all Duggar programming.

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The Duggar clan has its die-hard fans, for sure, but between Jinger's engagement and Jessa's second pregnancy, more than a few are wondering if they're doing what it takes to stay in the public eye.

Then again, it's more likely that Jinger and Jessa just embrace the family values of marriage and procreation. After all, Jim Bob and Michelle were doing it long before they had a TV show to make them famous.


Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

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