14 Celebrities Who Aren't Afraid to Rock an Outfit More Than Once

Jonathan Urbina | Oct 30, 2016 Celebrities
14 Celebrities Who Aren't Afraid to Rock an Outfit More Than Once

When you're a celebrity, your wardrobe enjoys a major upgrade. Every event, let alone every day, often requires a different outfit. So when we spot a star wearing an outfit twice — or more — we can't help but notice and think that perhaps they really are just like us.

Check out which of today's top stars were bold enough to re-wear a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, or an entire outfit more than once. 


Images via Jackson Lee / Splash News; Jackson Lee / Splash News

  • Kendall Jenner

    Images via TGB / Splash News; Ace / INFphoto.com / Splash News

    With a price tag of $19,000, this Saint Laurent coat truly deserves to be worn daily. However, Jenner was only photographed wearing it twice ... that we know of.

  • Kylie Jenner

    Images via XactpiX / Splash; T.Jackson / INFphoto.com / Splash News

    Just like her supermodel sister, Kylie also engages in clothes and accessories recycling from time to time. She chose to re-wear a pair of pale blue Dior boots while on a trip to NYC. 

  • Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge

    Images via Allpix / Splash News; James Whatling / Splash News

    Being a royal is no reason not to recycle your wardrobe, at least according to Kate Middleton, who is often spotted wearing outfits more than once, making her seem even more relatable. She wore this Temperly London Amoret gown twice. She also looks gorgeous in it, which helps her case. 

  • Eva Mendes

    Images via MaHahul / Splash News; Anne-Marie Michel / LE / Splash News

    The actress and new mom didn't accept defeat after a protest prevented her from walking a film festival red carpet in Rome. Instead, Eva Mendes returned the following night wearing the same Atelier Versace gown. That's what we call fashion determination.

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  • Rihanna

    Images via Photographer Group / Splash News; Renato Marzini / Splash News

    Rih Rih has always been known for her trendsetting ways, and apparently now she wants us all to drape Balenciaga fur stoles over our shoulders. An odd choice, yes, but she's still a style icon in our eyes.

  • Selena Gomez

    Images via Gigi Iorio / Splash News; 247PAPS.TV / Splash; Gobi / Splash News

    As the face of the brand, Gomez relies on this Louis Vuitton coat to take her style from the street to the red carpet and everything in between.    

  • Taylor Swift

    Images viaJDH Imagez / Splash; XactpiX / Splash News; Sharpshooter Images / Splash; Xactpix / Splash News

    Swift might not be one to repeat an outfit, but she is one to recycle a bag (pink Prada to be exact). Whether wearing a mini, a romper, shorts, or a coat, Taylor rocks the handbag.

  • Emma Roberts

    Images via Splash News; Sonte-e / bauergriffin.com / Splash News

    Clearly this Coach bomber jacket works well for a night out on the town and the morning after. The pop of green adds a playful, youthful vibe to both outfits.

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  • Gigi Hadid

    Images via Jackson Lee / Splash News; Robert O'neil / Splash News

    When you have abs like Gigi Hadid's, it's totally okay to re-wear the same Danielle Guizio crop top over and over again. The black adds a touch of sexy to the ensemble on the right.

  • Kim Kardashian

    Images via srop/Splash News; Neil Warner/Splash News; Pap Nation/Splash News

    Something tells us Kim K isn't wearing these Rick Owen shades to hide from the paparazzi ... #Fashion. The style icon rocked the huge shades on several occasions. 

  • Jennifer Lopez

    Images via Felipe Ramales / Splash News; Jackson Lee / Splash News

    She may say she's Jenny from the block, but this Roberto Cavalli coat makes her look like Miss Lopez from Beverly Hills (not that we're complaining in the least). The red lips and topknot in the look on the right screams sexy.

  • Cara Delevingne

    Images via Jackson Lee / Splash News; Jackson Lee / Splash News

    If there's one thing model Cara Delevingne knows well, it's the art of versatility. She proved that here by taking her Zuhair Murad blouse from goth girl to androgynous chic. #FashionGoals

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  • Anna Wintour

    Images via MCvitanovic / Splash News; Splash News

    Iconic Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour wore her blue suede Burberry trench twice in the same week, proving even fashion's reigning queen isn't afraid to re-wear gems from her wardrobe's past. 

  • Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge

    Images via Weir photos / Splash; Splash News

    The duchess is back at it here rocking an Alexander McQueen peplum dress two separate times. Queen of the Repeating Outfits? More reason to love her royal highness!

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