Scary Footage of Kim Kardashian's Alleged Robbers Surfaces

They're still at large, but police might have a new lead on the criminals who allegedly robbed Kim Kardashian of millions in Paris earlier this month. The video was obtained by French news outlet M6 Info, and may offer a clue to law enforcement to help them catch the robbers.


The five miscreant in question seem to have been captured by a side-street camera, which was positioned near the scene of the crime at the No Address Hotel.

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In the CCTV footage obtained by TMZ, the identities of the individuals are unidentifiable, but it does have time stamps and may confirm some other details. The video shows five suspects nearing Kim's hotel around 2:19 a.m. on October 3, and then fleeing around 49 minutes later.

Two of them were on foot, and three others rode bicycles. One appeared to be peddling more slowly than the others, and had some sort of backpack or satchel attached to the front of his bike. It's believed that Kim's stolen jewelry may have been in the pack.

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So far police have not released any information about the alleged perpetrators, and have not disclosed how much aide this footage will provide to the investigation.

As for Kim, she seems to be re-prioritizing her life. She's remained mostly under the raider since the robbery went down, spending most of her time at home in LA with her kiddos.

We can't blame her a bit.


Image via Neil Warner/Splash News

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