Michelle Duggar Practically Admits Jinger & Jeremy Are Breaking Courtship Rules

These two are definitely keeping Jim Bob and Michelle on their toes! Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been bending their courtship rules, and apparently her mom is a little overwhelmed by how physically affectionate they've already gotten.


Like, they have even front-hugged, people. Front. Hugged. With their bodies temporarily pressed against each other over multiple layers of clothing. Scandalous.

In all fairness, that is pretty taboo by Duggar standards, considering that they generally save front-hugs for the wedding day. No joke -- because why just save your first kiss for the altar, when you can wait for hugs too?

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Anyway, Jessa's mom had her work cut out for her as a chaperon on this week's episode of Counting On, as she accompanied Jinger and Jeremy to New York City, where he popped the question after a few months of official courtship.

Michelle hinted to Jim Bob that she had a hard time getting her daughter and future son-in-law to keep their hands off each other. She explained to the patriarch of the family, "It's kind of hard to keep two magnets apart. They definitely are in love."

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When pushed to answer whether or not they had violating courtship rules, Michelle responded, "Well, there were a few moments that I think she was totally caught off guard." So they may have accidentally hugged or something.

They better watch it or they may end up on the path to hell if his knuckles brush her knee while they sit in close proximity to each other or something. Don't they know how babies are made? It all starts with front-hugs and random accidental touching. Or something.


Image via Jeremy Vuolo/Facebook

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