Kris Jenner's Update on Kim Kardashian Shows She Has a Long Way to Go

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Slowly but surely, they're all beginning to speak. Not long after Kourtney and Khloe both broke their silence on how their sister is doing after the Paris robbery, Kris Jenner gave an update on Kim. And, let's be honest here, nobody knows Kim better than her mom. 


Kris spoke with E!'s Catt Sadler at the release party for Good American, Khloe's new denim line, and revealed that Kim's still not her old self yet. "It's a process," Kris said of how her daughter is faring. "One day at a time. It's a process." Kris also added that she's doing her best to make her daughter as comfortable as possible at all times. "I'm doing what any mother does," Kris said of trying to make sure Kim is surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones often.

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Kris Jenner, normally one to talk and promote her family at any given moment, has remained fairly mum about Kim's robbery until now, save for an Instagram post a week ago. 

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From the sound of things, Kris and the entire Kardashian-Jenner family are doing everything they can to help Kim with her recovery, which of course isn't very surprising. Say what you want about the Kardashian crew, but they certainly always put family first. 


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