Kim Kardashian Releases New Raunchy Batch of 'Kimojis'

kim kardashian

Business never sleeps. About three weeks after her Paris robbery, Kim Kardashian has released a new batch of emojis -- and in true Kim-fashion, the Kimojis are as raunchy as it gets. Can't keep a good girl down. 


Kim hasn't said anything about the emojis, but fans are freaking out over the slew of hilarious depictions and animations of Kim. Among them? Kim spreading her legs while wearing a white T-shirt and pair of teeny-tiny black bikini bottoms; Kim in her "M.I.L.F. $" video attire; and Kim displaying her ample cleavage in a small shirt with the words "shake your tits" beneath. Sounds like a batch of Kimojis alright!

kim kardashian

Surprisingly, Kim wasn't the one to post about the new Kimojis online -- something she always promotes big-time. So, clearly, she's still far from ready to get back to work. 

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Surprisingly, none of Kim's family members posted about the new emojis either -- not even Queen of Family Promotion, Kris Jenner. Perhaps Kim just wants everyone focusing on her recovery right now, instead of her business. 

Lucky for Kim, she has a solid team behind her, helping to run her business while she takes some much-needed time off. Because it's one thing for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star to hole up and relax for a while, but it's quite another to stop the release of Kimojis.

Priorities, people.


Image via EVPIX/Splash News

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