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16 Times Kim Kardashian Was a Domestic Goddess

Kim KardashianWe know Kim Kardashian loves to travel the world while rocking the most up-to-date fashion, but at heart, Kim also enjoys hanging out at home and crafting it up with the family. Yup, that's right. Kim K. has a crafty side.

In fact, between her home-cooked Sunday dinners and holiday projects, it's safe to say Kim is a bit of a domestic goddess. Surprised? We're not kidding. Check her out!


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11Move Over, Martha

Rumor has it that Kim has been cooking so much lately, she's considering writing a cookbook. 

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12Getting Political

Kim called meeting the ultimate domestic goddess Martha Stewart, at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, an inspiration.

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13Home for the Holidays

The Kardashians are notorious for pulling out all the stops at the holidays. Kim is no different.

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14Pushing It

Kim is not too fancy to push her own baby in a stroller.


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