Brad Pitt Has Apparently Been Reunited With All of His Kids -- Except 1

Brad pitt maddox Though this celebrity dad is keeping a low profile, we hear that he's been spending time with some, but not all, of this kids. Since the announcement of his highly public and completely unexpected divorce from Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt has reportedly been able to enjoy a second visit with his children -- with the exception of the couple's son Maddox. And we're left wondering if this once-seemingly-positive relationship can be mended. 


When the news of the split was first announced, it was widely reported that Maddox, 15, had stepped in to stop an altercation between his mom and dad. Accounts differ as to what happened from there and who's involved, but it was enough for the FBI to confirm that it was "evaluating" the need for an investigation. And now it seems that the LA Department of Children and Family Services is reportedly working with Brad, Angie, and their six kids to sort out counseling and visitation.  

While we don't know exactly what happened that day or what's been going on behind closed doors, it seems incredibly sad that the two are estranged -- especially considering Brad and Maddox had seemed like not only father and son but best buddies not that long ago. 

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From outings involving dirt biking and sledding to traveling the world together, this brood always seemed like one big, happy family. 

These two meetings without Maddox have to be hard on the other kids in the family too. Considering we're used to seeing them in a pack, it has to almost be like the proverbial elephant in the room to be with their dad without their big brother. 

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While Angelina and her other children were spotted at the beach in Malibu, Maddox wasn't with them for this excursion either. 

Our hearts go out to this boy who may feel as if he's stuck in the middle and, like any teenager, might just want to take a time-out -- especially from the public eye. 

Divorce is never easy on children -- even under the most amicable circumstances. We hope Maddox and the rest of the Jolie-Pitt children get the help and support they need to move forward in the best possible way, and it's good to know that throughout this ordeal, they always have each other. 


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