Celebrity Fashion Showdown: 20 Stars Caught in the Same Look

Celebrity Fashion Showdown: 20 Stars Caught in the Same Look

Every now and then, two celebrities find themselves wearing the same outfit. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, we can't help but ask ourselves, "Who wore it better?" In the case of Kylie Jenner and Ariel Winter, above, it depends on whether you're going for a dressed-down look or red carpet chic. Other times it's much more clear who managed to find just the right mix of accessories, makeup, and hairstyle. 

Check out the following 20 pairs of celebrities who unwittingly ended up with a fashion twin. Then ask yourself who you think wore it best.


Images via Sharpershooter Images / Splash News; Jen Lowery / Splash News

  • Selena Gomez vs. Lucy Hale

    Images via @Parisa / Splash News; Jen Lowery / Splash News

    Not only do these stars have a striking resemblance, but they also seem to have the same taste in saucy red Dior dresses. They both opted for similar styling, and we think they both slayed.

  • Chloe Grace Moretz vs. Kat Graham

    Images via KCS Presse / Splash News; Splash News

    This Proenza Schouler two-piece is an interesting fashion statement, and these two gorgeous ladies worked it. Kat Graham's sleeves seem tailored, though, helping her achieve a more polished look overall. 

  • Kris Jenner vs. Kim Kardashian West

    Images via Gigi Iorio / Splash News; INFphoto.com / Splash News

    Here we have a classic example of modern-day hand-me-downs, as this mom-daughter pair rock the stripes on this two-piece Balmain ensemble.

  • Taylor Swift vs. Andreja Pejic

    Images via All Access Photo / Splash News; AdMedia / Splash News

    Hard to believe a small tweak in the neckline can make this Alexandre Vauthier dress look so different. Taylor Swift went for a plunging neckline and a choker look, while Andreja Pejic opted for a peek-a-boo take on the halter style. 

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  • Jourdan Dunn vs. Jennifer Lopez

    Images via James Whatling / Splash News; Splash News

    As if we needed to be reminded that Jennifer Lopez is actually an age-defying super-human, here she is killing it in this chic black-and-white Tom Ford mini with the curve-hugging sides -- the very same mini that lovely model Jourdan Dunn slayed in.

  • Bella Hadid vs. Rita Ora

    Images via Splash News; All Access Photo / Splash News

    From model elegance to cool girl chic, it's no question this Alexandre Vauthier gown can work either way for the right occasion. However, Rita's loose tailoring choice screams wardrobe malfunction anxiety, which is why we'll stick to Bella's fitted look. 

  • Emily Ratajkowski vs. Zendaya Coleman

    Images via Johns PKI / Splash News; Felipe Ramales / Splash News

    Emily's olive green version of this Solace London outfit turns the casual look into a red carpet win. Our only wish is that she would have opted for Zendaya's topknot to give us the full cold-shoulder effect. 

  • Chrissy Teigen vs. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

    Images via Justin Paludipan / Splash News; KCS Presse / Splash News

    To belt or not to belt? It's a hard decision, but Chrissy decides a belt is the perfect way to break up the harsh Balmain jumpsuit lines. This one is a toss-up in our book!

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  • Lea Michele vs. Padma Lakshmi

    Images via Splash News; Johns PKI / Splash News

    When given the opportunity to wear a dress as gorgeous as this Cushnie et Ochs one, you throw it on and don't ask questions. Both of these stars get points for doing just that. 

  • Pixie Lott vs. Kim Kardashian West

    Images via Squirrel / Splash News; Splash News

    Not only is Kim a trendsetting queen, but she also appears to be the queen of latex. Considering a material this hard to tailor, we have to bow down to both of these ladies for making this Atsuko Kudo dress work.

  • Rihanna vs. Kanye West


    Rihanna and Kanye rocking the same Vetements hoodie further confirms to us that we can never be as cool as them. It also makes us wonder how Ri Ri can make a hoodie look so sexy. 

  • Gigi Hadid vs. Olivia Palermo

    Images via Jackson Lee / Splash News; Jen Lowery / Splash News

    Two "it" girls in the same dress seems horribly wrong, but if that's true, then why do these two look so right? Gigi kept her look editorial with an over-the-shoulder nude coat, while Olivia went with pushed-up sleeves for a woman-on-a-mission vibe. Both get an A+!

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  • Miley Cyrus vs. Taraji P. Henson


    Taraji might be twice Miley's age, but that didn't stop her from wearing the same Alexandre Vautheir cutout dress. She paired the outfit with a curled bob and incredible physique. Cookie would be proud. 

  • Halle Berry vs. Rita Ora

    Images via Cathy Gibson / Splash News; XactpiX / Splash News

    Honestly, we're fans of anyone who could look this good wearing a Vera Wang sheer turtleneck and bra. But what we're really loving is the drawstring pants that Rita paired with the look (because comfort is everything).

  • Victoria Beckham vs. Claire Danes

    Images via Christopher Peterson / Splash News; Johns PKI / Splash News

    When you designed the dress yourself, you know a thing or two about how to wear it. That is why we have to give this round to Victoria, who looks (unsurprisingly) posh wearing this high-slit number from her own collection. 

  • Karolina Kurkova vs. Kylie Jenner

    Images via Splash News; Jen Lowery / Splash News

    Both ladies take the cake on this Balmain dress. We also love how Kylie topped off and softened her look with romantic curls and a gold manicure to match her gold belt. 

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  • Lena Dunham vs. Miley Cyrus

    Images via enewsimage.com / Splash News; Emmerson / Splash News

    Sleeveless jumpsuits can be an uber tricky thing to get right, but both women pulled off this Valentino look effortlessly. 

  • Irina Shayk vs. Rita Ora

    SPL_Paris / Splash News; Neil Warner / Splash News

    What's better than a belted red Versace dress? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Add a red lip with pulled-back hair and we're basically ready for the runway. 

  • Kylie Jenner vs. Ariel Winter

    Images via Sharpshooter Images / Splash News; Jen Lowery / Splash News

    It's bedazzled, it's sheer, and it looks amazing on both girls. But the fact that Kylie Jenner was able to find a way to incorporate this Yousef Al-Jasmi dress into her everyday wardrobe has us screaming #FashionGoals

  • Olivia Munn vs. Julianne Hough

    Images via CV imageSPACE / Splash News

    Yikes! They wore the same look to the same event! Even though they look almost identical, Olivia's red lip paired with this Alice + Olivia ensemble has us leaning toward her on this one. 

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