11 Old Photos of Our Fave Celeb Dads -- & Their Surprisingly Swoon-Worthy 'AARP' Covers

Tanvier Peart | Oct 20, 2016 Celebrities
11 Old Photos of Our Fave Celeb Dads -- & Their Surprisingly Swoon-Worthy 'AARP' Covers

Luke Perry attends the 2016 CW Upfront Presentation attend London Hotel on May 19, 2016 in New York City.

It's crazy to think our beloved heartthrobs are repping for the 50 and older crew these days -- like Luke Perry gracing the cover of AARP --  but their ability to defy time with their fine-ness only proves one thing: Age ain't nothing but a number.

Seriously, these old snaps of some of our favorite celebs next to their more recent AARP covers will make you fall right back in love with these guys over and over (and over) again. 

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And as much as we can appreciate a new colt on the scene, we'll take a handsome stallion any day of the week ... and twice on Sunday.

It's about to get hot.

Don't say we didn't warn you.


Image via Jackie Brown / Splash News

  • Denzel Washington: Then

    Image via MARIO ANZUONI/Splash News

    If you and your mother had to agree on actors who you both think look stunning, there's a very good chance Denzel Washington would make your shortlist. Aside from being an accomplished actor and Academy Award winner, this man has been making Hollywood sizzle with his looks for some time.

  • Denzel Washington: Now


    If ever there was a reason to covet an AARP magazine cover, this is it. Denzel made our jaws drop with this handsome snap three years ago. And guess what? He's 62 now and looks the same as he did many many years ago. Timeless.

  • Patrick Dempsey: Then


    Before his days on Grey's Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey was one of those actors whose teeny bop magazine posters graced our walls. We loved him in films like Can't Buy Me Love and Loverboy, which showed off his charm.

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  • Patrick Dempsey: Now


    His nickname isn't "McDreamy" for nothing! Although we bid adieu to Patrick on Grey's, he will forever be a man who stole our hearts. If THIS is what 50 looks like, we can't help but get excited. He still makes us swoon.

  • Blair Underwood: Then

    Image via Derek Storm / Splash News

    Even if you never heard of LA Law (your parents likely watched), you still have probably seen Blair Underwood. Acting in TV series and films for many years, Blair redefines what it means to be "fetch."

  • Blair Underwood: Now


    Hello, Blair! We need to know this man's secrets to aging gracefully because he serious does not look any different than he did 20 years ago. We. Bow. Down.

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  • Robert Downey Jr.: Then


    Robert Downey Jr. has been that witty friend in our heads for some time now. Whether you love to hate him or can't stop laughing at his sarcasm, there's no denying that he is very sweet on the eyes.

  • Robert Downey Jr.: Now


    And this, folks, is Robert today (or, close enough to it -- this cover is from 2014). All we can say is HOT DAMN -- Iron Man can whisk us away whenever he wants. Sweet heavens, Robert Downey Jr. hasn't aged a bit.

  • Luke Perry: Then

    Image via Gary Kaplan Video LLC / Splash

    If you're a millennial, there's a pretty strong chance you tuned in to Beverly Hills, 90210. That show -- including hunks like Luke Perry -- was epic and still keeps us entertained with its reruns. Practically every girl we know wanted to date Perry's bad boy character, Dylan McKay. His mystique certainly had us wanting more.

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  • Luke Perry: Now


    Our mouths dropped to the floor when we recently saw Luke Perry's AARP cover to commemorate his 50th birthday. How on earth can this be?! No matter his age, Luke still brings a smile to our faces and will always be one of our favorite heartthrobs. #DylanMcKay4Eva.

  • Brad Pitt: Then

    Image via MGM

    Now, you know good and well we couldn't make a list of fine Hollywood men without talking about Mr. William Bradley Pitt. This man is the epitome of FINE and has been making us swoon for decades. Decades!

  • Brad Pitt: Now


    Yup, this is still the same Brad! This cover was three years ago so he's 52 now, and that proves age is truly just a number with this guy. He makes his 50s look damn good.

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  • Matthew Fox: Then


    Who didn't have love in their hearts for Charlie Salinger (Matthew Fox), eldest brother on the '90s hit show Party of Five? (That's him in the middle.) Not only did he step up to the plate after his parents' untimely demise, but he was the big bro we loved to crush on. 

  • Matthew Fox: Now


    Oh my God, Becky, look at Matthew Fox. Yaaassss! Matthew is definitely a fox at age 50. Just look at that smile. He's still got it. (Honestly, he never lost it.)

  • Clive Owen: Then

    Image via Splash News

    We'd be lying if we said Clive Owen didn't make us feel butterflies in our stomachs. He's dreamy, a pretty awesome actor, and someone who keeps us coming back for more.

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  • Clive Owen: Now


    We're completely smitten with Clive and this amazing AARP cover. He looks extremely dashing and is giving us major Bond vibes with this pic.

  • Michael Douglas: Then


    By a show of hands, who else secretly watched Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct growing up? (It's okay to admit it, your mom isn't paying attention.) Michael Douglas is one of those guys who just has a certain sexy appeal. Whether he's teaching us "Greed is good" in Wall Street or is trying to save our hides in Romancing the Stone, you can't help but love Michael Douglas.

  • Michael Douglas: Now


    Sorry, we can't hear or see anything else right now. Michael has us captivated with his smoky eyes. This. Photo. Is. Everything.

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  • Michael Jordan: Then

    Image via MARIO ANZUONI/Splash News

    "I wanna be, I wanna be like Mike." What else can you say about Michael Jordan other than he is a titan in basketball? This six-time NBA champion was not only a beast on the court, but was also quite the looker.

  • Michael Jordan: Now


    ... And at 53, Michael Jordan still has the sparkle. (We could seriously stare at this photo all day.) Sorry, Channing, but this is our Magic Mike.

  • John Leguizamo: Then


    Be honest, who else developed a major crush on John Leguizamo after watching Super Mario Bros.? He was soooo cute as Luigi! Although 23 years have passed since he played that character, John has brought the fuego in many films as an actor.

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  • John Leguizamo: Now


    You better rock your cover, sir! John might be 52 now, but continues to slay in the attraction department. We love guys who look debonair, but aren't afraid to loosen their ties and make us laugh.


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