Jana & Jessa Duggar Continue Their Childhood Feud

It's no secret to longtime fans that Jessa and Jana Duggar haven't always gotten along. We thought that the sisters eventually outgrew their childhood feuding, but they seemed to reignite it on Tuesday night's episode of Counting On.


The normally demure ladies got into quite the spat over redecorating the family's guest house for Jill and Derick Dillard's upcoming visit to the states. Jessa and Jana's sister has been serving as a missionary in El Salvador with her hubby and toddler son for nearly a year, and they've decided to spend some time back home before returning to the field.

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Last week, Jana helmed the home renovation project and got several of her siblings involved in sprucing up the space, but Jessa was off helping Jinger get engaged to Jeremy Vuolo. This week she was back on the home front to help, and she had definite opinions about how things should be done.

As Jana tried to decorate the space with a clock, Jessa piped up, "I just don't think it has any connection to the rest of the house."

Jana responded, "There's a disagreement ... I like random," to which her sister replied, "I like order."

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Thank goodness for Joy-Anna, who broke the tension by recommending that they get their boxing gloves out. Thankfully they didn't really come to blows, and we're sure these sisters still love each other dearly, even if they don't share the same decorating sense.

But it is nice to be reminded now and then that they do have the capability of disagreeing with each other and even bickering. 


Image via Duggar Family Official/Facebook

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