Khloe Kardashian Reacts to Donald Trump's 'Fat Piglet' Comments

Khloe KardashianAfter days of reports pertaining to commentary behind the scenes of Celebrity Apprentice, Khloe Kardashian finally reacted to Donald Trump's awful comments -- from being called "the ugly Kardashian" to a "fat piglet." 


During an interview with Extra, Khloe kept it short and sweet, saying: "For Trump or any human being to judge someone off looks alone ... I think that's really immature and cruel." She went on to question how her name is somehow always brought up, asking point-blank, "How am I dragged into everything?"

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This seems to be a bona fide question this time, as most people will probably agree.

She undoubtedly handled the situation with grace, considering that Trump not only called her gross names, but also was out for blood throughout the duration of her time on the show -- fulfilling whatever petty vendetta he had against her.

As a whole, it doesn't seem to have bothered Khloe, as she hasn't spent much time dwelling on it before or during the interview. (The number one sign that no f*cks are given.) 

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But then again, we know she has tough skin from all the trolls she's dealt with ever since the Kardashians first started to make a name for themselves. Khloe has pretty much heard it all, and we all know that that which does not kill you only makes you stronger. 

So, you won't win today, Trump. Nope, not today.


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