18 Ways Prince George Takes After His Daddy

Amy Goldman | Oct 21, 2016 Celebrities

Prince William Prince GeorgeThere are some dads you probably wouldn't want to take after. Alec Baldwin. Scar from The Lion King. The dad from 7th Heaven. Luckily for Prince George, his dad is a terrific person to take after. Prince William is one of the most benevolent dads around, and little George is already starting to resemble him in a lot of ways.

We can't think of a better role model than Prince William for everyone's favorite little prince to learn from. Keep reading to see just how much Prince George is taking after his dad.


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  • He's a Little Pilot in the Making

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    Inspired by his dad's service in the Royal Air Force, George has already taken a keen interest in aviation.

  • He Takes His Royal Duties Seriously

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    George knows that being a member of the royal family is not all fun and games -- it's a privilege that comes with great responsibility. Just look at how concerned he was about making a good first impression in Canada!

  • He Rocks a Collared Sweater

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    The ability to look dapper in a collared sweater clearly runs in the family. 

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  • He Has a Great Sense of Humor

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    We've seen so many sweet pictures of him laughing and having fun that George might as well be called Prince Gigglepants. George's playfulness reminds us of another royal who likes to joke around and have a laugh -- his dad.

  • He Knows How to Make an Impression

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    George's dad is no slouch when it comes to showing up and making a great impression at public events. So it should come as no surprise that this prince is already working the crowds and charming his adoring fans.

  • He Adores His Family Monarch

    Image via Ranald Mackechnie/Royal Mail/WPA-Pool/Splash News

    The fact that George managed to stand still long enough to take such a priceless photograph is testament to just how much he adores his great-grandmum. It's clear that looking up to the queen is something that runs in the family.

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  • He Cares About Getting His Exercise

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    Will is frequently photographed participating in polo games, rugby matches, or spending time outdoors with Kate. Judging by this photo, George is just as invested as his dad is in keeping active.

  • He's Protective of Charlotte

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    Even as early as Princess Charlotte's christening, it was clear that George took his responsibilities as her big brother to heart. Just like Will, George's attention never strayed from the newest addition to the royal family.

  • He Has Impeccable Manners

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Like his dad, George's manners can't be beat. The young prince never leaves his devoted fans without saying a proper goodbye.

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  • He's Curious About the World Around Him

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    George has a voracious curiosity, just like his well-traveled and highly educated father.

  • He Knows His Way Around a Polo Mallet

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    It looks like George was born knowing how to operate a polo mallet. We bet this is one family trait Will is especially glad that his son has inherited. At this rate, he'll be playing in charity matches against his uncle Harry in no time. 

  • He's Got His Dad's Boyish Good Looks

    Image via TGB/Splash News

    Just like his dad, George has boyish good looks for days. Just look at that smolder.

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  • He's as Stylish as All Get-Out

    Image via INFphoto.com

    George is proving to be quite the slick dresser. His stylish duds prove that William and Harry aren't the only fashionable men in the family.

  • He Cares About All Creatures Great and Small

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    George fell head over heels for the bilby who was named after him in Australia, and his love for his dog Lupo is well documented. Will set a great example for George to follow by advocating for wildlife conservation and establishing his United for Wildlife foundation. 

  • He's Crazy for Kate

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Thanks to the royal couple's interviews and heavily photographed public appearances, we know just how much Will appreciates Kate. George seems to have inherited his dad's appreciation for his endlessly lovely mum. 

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  • He's Passionate About Sports

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    George can frequently be spotted on the field rooting for his dad when Will competes in polo matches. We can't wait to see George out on the field, putting anyone who dares challenge him in his place.

  • He's Already Breaking Hearts

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    George seemingly inherited his dad's genes for sending hearts aflutter with his good looks and charming personality. He received his first public marriage proposal in 2014 from a young fan in New Zealand, and it looks like he charmed the young ladies he met in Australia, too. 

  • He's Undoubtedly Genuine

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    George didn't hide how heartbroken he was to be leaving Canada, and his open display of emotion reminded us of William. George's dad is often candid about his feelings, whether it's about the loss of his mother or how much he cares about his family. We can't think of a better role model for George to take after.

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