Khloe Kardashian Reportedly Called a 'Piglet' by Donald Trump

khloe kardashian

The hits keep coming! Not long after Donald Trump's disgusting and wildly inappropriate comments about women in general were unearthed, a new report alleges that Trump called Khloe Kardashian a "fat piglet" during her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice in 2009. Regardless of what you think about the Kardashians, Trump's comments are rude, hurtful, and, again, totally inappropriate. 


Sources on the NBC show recently revealed that Trump didn't like Khloe and wanted her removed from the show. An editor on the show at the time told the Huffington Post, "He basically wanted to just get rid of her. He called her a 'piglet.'" The editor added that Trump allegedly once said, "What is this? We can't even get the hot one?" -- referring to Khloe's older sister Kim.

Another source said that Trump said, "Why don't we fire Khloe? She is a fat piglet. Why did we get the ugly Kardashian?" The source also added that when Khloe eventually was fired, it wasn't based on merit, it was simply based on the fact that Trump didn't like her. During her final boardroom meeting, Trump allegedly improvised the reason for firing her, and brought up her court-mandated classes related to her DUI incident.

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Earlier on in the year, Khloe revealed to Chelsea Handler that she never wanted to do Celebrity Apprentice in the first place. Apparently, her mom Kris Jenner "made her do it." The Strong Looks Better Naked author said that she "hated every minute of it." Clearly, the disdain Trump has for Khloe is a mutual feeling. 

A few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian revealed that she would be voting for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. And from the sound of things, Khloe is "with her" also.  


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