Kate Middleton's Grandmother Was Just as Impressive as She Is

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She's got good genes! Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge comes from a long line of impressive women. Kate Middleton recently opened up about her grandmother Valerie Glassborow in the foreword of a book of puzzles that's set to be released this week. The book, which was produced by the UK's national intelligence and security agency, GCHQ, will profit the duke, duchess, and Prince Harry's Heads Together campaign, which aims to bring awareness to mental health issues. In the foreword, Kate talks about her paternal grandmother, who helped crack enemy codes during World War II. Whoa. 


"I have always been immensely proud of my grandmother, Valerie Glassborow, who worked at Bletchley Park during the Second World War," the duchess wrote in the book, per HuffPo. "She and her twin sister, Mary, served with thousands of other young women as part of the great Allied effort to break enemy codes. They hardly ever talked about their wartime service, but we now know just how important the men and women of Bletchley Park were, as they tackled some of the hardest problems facing the country." Kate's grandmother went on to marry her father's father, Peter Middleton, who was a British military pilot, and she passed away in 2006 at 82. Valerie died five years before her granddaughter went on to marry Prince William. 

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Of course, the main reason the duchess wrote the foreword wasn't to promote her grandmother, but to promote Heads Together, a charity she's incredibly passionate about. "William, Harry and I are very grateful that this book is supporting our Heads Together campaign," Kate said. "I hope it will not only amuse and challenge readers, but help to promote an open discussion of mental health problems, which can affect anyone, regardless of age or background." She also stressed that anyone who buys the book is contributing toward people getting the "important mental health care they deserve."

Valerie Glassborow would have no doubt been incredibly proud to see her granddaughter become an heir to the throne, but it's more likely that this -- her commitment to helping those in need -- would have delighted her even more. Two incredible women. 


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