Creepy or Cool? Kids Wear Masks of Royals to Meet Kate Middleton

kate middleton masksBeing a Prince or Princess for Halloween is a popular choice for many kids, but these kids chose to wear Will and Kate masks when meeting Kate Middleton and her Prince. Of course, Will and Kate were good sports about it all even though it's slightly creepy.


Creepy in a cool way. Because, well, these are kids we're talking about. Perhaps this whole thing was put to them by adults, but still. It's all about admiration, right? Sure. 

The kids didn't just have Kate masks, though. 

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will kate masks kids

It's the whole Royal bunch. We cannot help but giggle at this -- take a look at the kid wearing the Prince Charles mask! How fitting. And one of the Queen's Royal pup's even made an appearance. Somehow all their Royal personalities were perfectly captured. 

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This all went down in Manchester while the Royal couple was there to visit the British National Football Museum, as well as a hospice, during World Mental Health Day. Laughing is certain great medicine. And there was nothing but big smiles when this went down. 

We kind of love it. Sure, it's creepy but in a way we're okay with. And we sure are thankful these aren't clown masks. Shudder.


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty Images; Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

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