Blac Chyna Shows Off Bare Baby Bump With Only 4 Weeks to Go

blac chyna

Not long to go! On Thursday, Blac Chyna showed off her bare baby bump on Instagram -- as well as a new haircut to boot! This mama-to-be is absolutely glowing. Rob, you are one lucky, lucky man. 


Chyna was promoting some sort of skinny tea (which is apparently safe during pregnancy) and took the opportunity to snap her bump while she was at it. "36 weeks pregnant, 4 weeks to go," Chyna captioned the pretty shot. 

Chyna also appears to have shorter, more ombré hair in the photo. It looks good on her! Her Rapunzel-esque locks were nice, but this definitely is an improvement. Also, more manageable for when the baby arrives!

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From what we've seen, Chyna has looked and felt great throughout her pregnancy -- and it's only a month until she and Rob get to meet their little bundle. Hopefully, the last four weeks of her pregnancy will be just as pleasant as the first 40.

Looking good, Chyna! Hang in there!


Image via Image Press/Splash News

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