Joe Jonas Thought It Was OK to Tell Us Who He Lost His Virginity To -- but It's Not

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene

As I began to read Joe Jonas's Reddit AMA, I was amused by his honesty and found it all to be quite refreshing and genuine ... until he took an awful turn for the inappropriate. Which part was inappropriate, you may ask -- the sex talk? No. But, the ridiculous need to name-drop when discussing his sex life? Well, that was a total turnoff. In case you missed it, the former Jonas Brothers bandmate (turned DNCE member) opened up during his AMA -- or, "Ask Me Anything" -- and spilled some telling details about losing his virginity to an ex-girlfriend named Ashley.


During the open Q&A to Reddit users, when asked about who he'd lost his virginity to, Jonas only gave a first name -- but he reminded us that we could "just Google it." Are we serious here? How old are we, Joe? For those in the pop culture know, it was easy to remember that Joe Jonas had once famously dated Twilight's Ashley Greene -- and for those who heeded Joe's advice, well, they were able to simple Google it.

Tacky? Definitely. Immature? Of course. But the most offensive part was that he tried to play coy or as if he somehow wasn't spilling all the damn tea -- but instead just insulted her and our intelligence. 

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He even went on to tell a bit of the story about how things went down as he searched for a condom -- which, as I stated before, would've been just fine had he not forfeited Greene's right to privacy and completely thrown her under the bus by revealing her name.  

Greene handled it with every bit of tact that Joe clearly lacked -- presumably taking a small jab at the interview with an Instagram pic that read "class is timeless." But we can't help but wonder what the public's reaction might be like if the tables were turned. 

Had the Twilight actress been the one to name-drop Jonas -- especially in that shady manner -- the public wouldn't be eating up the gossip and simply calling the interview candid and TMI. They'd likely react by saying that she name-dropped for the attention or that she was desperate or even pathetic. 

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Perhaps I'm not giving society enough credit, but I seriously doubt it. We live in a world where sex talk is only charming and honest if you're a male -- and women still fight to be able to discuss sex in the same manner that men are allowed. So while some people and even some media outlets may have called him out for oversharing, I imagine that Greene would definitely catch it significantly more if she has revealed "Joe" as her first.

But, hey, what do I know? Except this: A guy -- or a girl -- who kisses and tells is no good. 


Image via Ahmad & Saleem Elatab / Splash News 

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