Kim Kardashian Is Taking an Indefinite Hiatus From Social Media & Work

Kim kardashian before Paris RobberyIf your newsfeeds have been eerily silent, it's because Kim Kardashian -- social media mogul -- has gone ghost since the robbery occured in Paris where $12 million in jewelry was stolen. As serious as we are taking the situation, I'm not sure we thought that her social media hiatus would go on as long as it has, and we totally get it ... but we'd be lying if we said we didn't miss her. And, to make matters worse? There are no immediate signs that Kim will be returning to her social media or socialite status anytime soon.


The star is in no rush to get back to work and has remained mum on all her social media pages. A source told Entertainment Tonight, "There is not a big plan in place for her comeback. It's only been a week. She is still staying off the grid and away from everything." He/she also added that Kim isn't currently concerned with work.

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Nonetheless, we've been constantly checking our timeline like clockwork in hopes of hearing from her. However, the only activity Kim has made with social media (since early October) was to cut back on the number of people she followed on her Twitter, according to US Weekly -- who connected with another source:

She realizes she was living in a bubble doing what she was doing. She loved flaunting her wealth and being so public. She felt safe and never really thought about her vulnerability. Now she knows she was so naïve. Everything has to change going forward.

With absolutely no word from Kim herself, we've continued to rely on other sources to update us on how she's coping. Sister Khloe told Ellen DeGeneres that "she's not doing well," but with help of family they will "get through it together." And while we're only wishing the best for her and a healthy recovery, we can't help but wonder how an extended hiatus may impact Kim's brand -- a brand largely known for appearances, both IRL and on social media. 

This is all we've really come to know of her in recent years. It's sort of who she is. 

So is this goodbye or see you later? These are the questions that we currenly need answers to, because what's a newsfeed without the occasional nude selfie or soul-food cooking session from Kim Kardashian?

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By all means, we want Kim to take as much time as she needs, but we definitely hope to see her return to her open and insightful social media presence soon -- even if it means a slight cutback. 


Image via GoldStar Media/Splash News

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