Kate Middleton's Parents Are in Hot Water for Selling 'Inappropriate' Kids' Costumes

kate middleton

Tsk, tsk. Party Pieces, the party company owned by Kate Middleton's parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, is in hot water for selling "inappropriate" costumes for kids. Evidently, moms in the UK (and maybe the queen?) think that some of the costumes Party Pieces is retailing to children are too scary and, perhaps worse, just plain disgusting. Talk about unroyal. 


The two main costumes that have people talking are the roadkill costume (yuck), which features a mangled-looking bodysuit with tire marks across the front, as well as a "cut-throat" pirate, which is exactly what you think it would be: a pirate's costume with blood dripping out from the neck. Lovely. 




As of now, the costumes are still on the site, so it's doubtful that Michael and Carole will take them down before Halloween. And while the costumes are a little, well, disgusting and creepy (especially for kids), Party Pieces certainly isn't the only peddler of weird costumes for children.

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Being that their daughter is the future Queen of England, Michael and Carole's business is definitely held to a slightly different standard than other companies. But, hey, when you get to spend Christmas at Balmoral, those are the brakes, right?

Imagine the conversation at this year's Christmas dinner. 


Images via Neil Warner/Splash News; partypieces.com

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