Jessa Duggar Reveals Jinger Was Clueless About Jeremy's Plans to Propose

Jeremy Vuolo with fiancee Jinger DuggarDon't you hate being the only one who's not in on the secret? During a recent episode of Counting On, Jessa Duggar revealed Jinger was clueless Jeremy Vuolo would propose, which is kinda the point, but still pretty sweet as everyone knew what was coming ... except for Jinger, of course.


Although Jeremy did pop the question to Jinger in New York City over the summer, it's so fun to relive the steps leading up to their "Will you marry me?" moment -- including all the anticipation and secrecy to keep Jinger from finding out.

Jessa mentions on the show:

Jeremy is getting very excited as the day approaches, and he's trying to remain calm, though. I don't think he's appearing anxious outwardly, but he's remaining very calm, so Jinger won't catch on ....

I don't think she has any clue what's coming.

Aww. Super cute!

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We can only imagine how much the engagement ring Jeremy got for his beloved was burning a hole in his pocket!

It's so awesome that cameras were able to capture behind-the-scenes moments leading up to the proposal. We're sure Jinger and Jeremy will love being able to look back on all these beautiful memories. (Who wouldn't?)

So excited for these two!


Image via TLC

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