Queen Elizabeth Says Goodbye to Her Beloved Pet Corgi

It's a sad day in the royal household. Queen Elizabeth's beloved corgi has passed away. Holly was 13 years old when she was put down near the queen's Balmoral, Scotland retreat, after suffering from an unspecified illness.


The royal pooch is survived by Her Majesty's other furbabies, another corgi named Willow, and two corgis-dachshund mixes named Vulcan and Candy.

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Holly enjoyed a privileged life as not only the queen's lapdog, but as a celebrity in her own right, after taking part in the 2012 Olympic opening ceremonies, and even sharing the cover of Vogue in honor of Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday earlier this year.

Holly is reportedly buried in the garden at the queen's favorite retreat, where she stays most summers. Insiders report that the site is visible from the drawing room of the Scottish castle.

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Despite the loss, the queen isn't planning to replace Holly with another addition to her canine collection, as she fears leaving them behind when she passes. It's also been mentioned by some close to the royal family that Queen Elizabeth fears tripping over a young pup nipping at her ankles.

RIP Holly. No doubt you'll be sorely missed.


Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

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