Prince Harry Acts Like a Total Tourist While Riding the London Eye

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Time to add tourist to his resume? On Tuesday, Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry rode the London Eye for Heads Together, their charity that aims to bring awareness to people suffering from mental health issues. The trio rode in a pod with guests who have suffered psychological problems, and doing what almost everyone does when they ride the London Eye, Prince Harry tried to see if Queen Elizabeth was home at the time.  


Earlier in the day, Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess hosted a County Hall reception and they each made a plea to people suffering from mental health problems to get help as soon as possible and not stay silent. Afterwards, they boarded the London Eye and once they reached the top, Harry peeked out to see if he could spot the royal standard, which is the flag that's hoisted outside of Buckingham Palace when the Queen is home. Theresa Cox, one of the passengers in the pod with the royal said, "[Harry] couldn't remember if she was home or not so we were looking to see if we could spot her royal standard." Cox also added that "Harry was very down to earth" and that he told everyone in the pod to "look out for his grandmother’s building and wave." Adorable.

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As it turned out, the royal standard wasn't up when the Queen's grandchildren were riding the Eye, but it was raised a few hours later. So close!

From everything we've ever heard about Harry, he's as down to earth as it gets, so it doesn't come as a huge surprise to hear that he was doing what almost everyone who rides the Eye does. But how cool must it have been for the people riding in the pod with him. It isn't everyday you get to ride the London Eye with a prince who's checking to see if granny's at home in her palace. 


Image via Jeff Moore/Splash News

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