Jill & Derick Dillard Are Getting Ready for the Apocalypse

We knew they were serious about their religion, but this seems to go above and beyond. Jill (Duggar) and Derick Dillard may be preparing for the apocalypse as well as their return trip back to the mission field.


The Counting On stars have been stateside for continuing education for a couple of months, spending lots of time with their families in their home state of Arkansas.

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In a recent blog post, Derick wrote that they've been taking Bible classes, as well as speaking to different groups about their mission in El Salvador. He also was sure to point out that they've made good use of the financial resources that people have donated to them, and have used other funds to pay for every trip they've taken but one.

They've taken a lot of heat in the past for allegedly misusing funds, as they took several back and forth trips to the states at the start of their ministry about a year ago. It makes sense that they'd want to defend themselves there.

But they may be taking one particular trip with all of humanity soon -- to the end times. Derick concluded his blog post by saying that he believes Christ is coming back to Earth much sooner than expected -- basically any day now.

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He wrote, "I truly believe that we are living in a generation with unique opportunities that God is using to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven quicker than any of us may realize. And, I love having a front-row seat to just get a glimpse of how God is going to fulfill Revelation 7:9."

Hold your four horses of the apocalypse there, buddy. According to the Bible, it's impossible to predict when Jesus will come again, and we doubt that Derick has some special knowledge about it. But you know, we guess you can never be too prepared.


Image via jillmdillard/Instagram

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