Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Rumors Are Back With a Bang

Tyga & Kyla out partyingAt this point in the game we're no strangers to Kylie Jenner's cringe-worthy, on again-off again relationship with Tyga. We've seen much of it play out in the spotlight, as we do with much everything involving the Kardashian-Jenner bunch. So, of course, it wouldn't be a Monday if there weren't something crazy happening in the couple's relationship, and that's why we're sort of not surprised by the fact that Kylie may or may not be pregnant


While there's a huge chance that this is simply a rumor (for now), a source close to Kylie recently told Hollywood Life that while she's not "actively trying" for a baby she certainly would be "totally fine with it."

However, back in August a source also reported to Hollywood Life, "Kylie has pictured marriage and kids before, and thought it would be great with Tyga ... But she just wants to enjoy being nineteen."

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Which all seems a bit contradicting to us -- especially because it's with Tyga though. Aside from him being into the party scene, there's also the fact that he's financially irresponsible. Sure money isn't everything and it's not necessary for him to be the richest guy in the world -- it's not okay to splurge money on extravagant birthday gifts soon after filing for bankruptcy.

Oh and let's not forget that he already has a child, so overall I'd say he probably shouldn't even think of children until his life is back in order. We won't hold our breath though. 

And although she is a bit too young (by real world standards) to have children and we would love her to just have fun being 19 too -- we must keep in mind that this is a girl who has been allowed to grow up waaay faster as she keeps up with the Kardashian lifestyle. However, this is also part of the reason she's so successful and thus, more financially stable than I or many other adults are -- even those who are years ahead of her in age.

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So I could see why becoming a mother so young is okay with her -- she seems to have her sh*t together in the financial department. But, much like her big sisters, she has so much more potential in life to fulfill and she's only began to live. So hopefully she'll be safe and decide to hold off on bringing a bundle of joy into the world -- at least for another couple of years. 

Nevertheless, we're not her parents, and that's not really our call -- therefore whatever she decides for her life, we'll support. 


Image via SPW/Splash News

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