Kim Kardashian Files a Whopper of an Insurance Claim for Her Stolen Ring

kim kardashian

It was the real deal. After her horrible Paris robbery, Kim Kardashian has submitted an insurance claim for her engagement ring from Kanye West. And the price tag? Oh, a cool $4 million. No biggie. 


Many outlets were putting the ginormous ring at a $4.5 million value, while others were of the mind that it was far less and Kim simply eluded to the fact that her bling was so pricey. But as it turns out, it is that pricey. TMZ reports that the insurance claim describes the ring as a 20 carat emerald cut stone(!). And unfortunately for her, that's not all the burglars took. 

In addition to her massive rock, the insurance report reveals that 12 additional items were taken, totaling $5.6 million. This obviously is a lot of money, but it's much less than the $10 million worth of jewelry that was initially reported.

More from CafeMom:

Not long after news of the robbery was reported, a handful of people and news outlets began thinking that the ordeal was a made-up story in order to garner publicity for the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It's more than obvious that that's not the case now. Not only has Kim filed an insurance report, proving the attack was real, but she's also stayed mum on social media and hasn't been seen until recently, when she was spotted arriving in LA in a hoodie and hat. Definitely doesn't seem like a BS story. 

Hopefully, Kim and Kanye will be reimbursed in some sort of way for her engagement ring, but more importantly, hopefully Kim will eventually feel safe again. Though not sure how that's going to happen. 


Image via Pepito/Splash News

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