16 Celebrities Who Have a Relationship Type

Celia San Miguel | Oct 16, 2016 Celebrities

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we sometimes gravitate toward a certain type of person in our romantic exploits so that very clear patterns start to arise. While there may be no rhyme or reason to who we ultimately fall in love with, there sometimes are indicators as to who we'll find attractive — particularly if we've shown a fondness for a certain type in the past. Celebrities, of course, aren't immune to such proclivities, which is why it often seems like a few of them date the same person over and over again. Some stars are drawn to people who work in a specific realm — be they athletes, musicians, dancers, or models — while others are attracted to specific physical characteristics.

Kate Hudson, for instance, has shown a fondness for musicians, while Leonardo DiCaprio's fondness for models is well documented. Find out which celebrities have a clear romantic type!


Images via Jen Lowery/Splash News; Anna Pocaro/London Entertainment/Splash News

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