20 Times Prince George & Princess Charlotte Had the Whole Royal Thing Down

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Kate Middleton Prince William
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They may only be toddlers, but Prince George and Princess Charlotte are already pros at this royalty thing. They wave adorably at their fans. They know just the right moment to flaunt their million dollar smiles in front of the camera. Even their fashion game rivals their very stylish parents. It would almost be unsettling how poised George and Charlotte are in front of crowds of people if they weren't so unbelievably cute. 


This royal sibling duo was clearly born ready to lead. And with parents like theirs, they've got the perfect role models. Kate and Prince William have set excellent examples for their children by being refined and poised during royal events -- and in everyday life. 

No child is perfect, but when you belong to the royal family, it's expect that they be as close to perfection as they can get. As far as we're concerned, they're adorableness is just about perfect. Sure, they've still got a lot of learn, because you know, being a royal doesn't come easy. But right now, we are just enjoying watching these two kiddos be just that -- kids!

These two kids already have busier schedules than most of us do, but they never let that stop them from having some fun as well! Keep reading for 20 times George and Charlotte proved they have the whole royal thing down pat.

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