5-Year-Old Earns 'A Seat at the Table' With Remake of Solange Knowles's Album Cover

A seat at the table album by solange

Nearly a week ago Solange released her third album, A Seat at the Table. It trended for days due to its blunt and unapologetically black PSA -- from the album name itself to songs like "Don't Touch My Hair" (a warning against touching a black woman's hair unpermitted). But the album art was by far one of the most raw and honest pieces of her powerful album, as the imagery embraced her hair (pinned up and all) -- something that has always been special to us, even as we fight to truly appreciate it in all its states. So, it comes as no surprise that we all rejoiced in our #BlackGirlMagic when we got a glimpse of a little girl who duplicated Solange's album cover


Ahnari, the most precious little 5-year-old, completely emulated the cover of the album -- from the pouty expression to the pins in her natural hair. The photo was captioned, "When you're a toddler but feeling #solangeknowles #aseatatthetable..." Yes, her Instagram pic seems to truly feel the lyrics from the album: "Don't touch my soul/When it's the rhythm I know/Don't touch my crown..." And, seriously, I can't help but be in awe of her because, if nothing else, she's simply the cutest. 

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For black people, this image signifies hope that we can soon put an end to the self-hate that has plagued too many of us for too long. A hate that stems from hundreds of years of being made to feel inferior for the traits we possess, while those very traits are appropriated (with no credit) by other women or deemed unacceptable by our very own men for being too natural. 

When you see this little girl, there's this amazing realization that we're actually making a difference through our natural hair movement with blogs and colorful hashtags -- and by celebrating who our kids are and their beautiful attributes (which is exactly what this photo shows).

Little black girls are seeing themselves differently as their role models publicly embrace their blackness and everything that makes them so. It's even made a great impact on the grown women of our generation, which we can see by the 21,000-plus times the hashtag #DontTouchMyHair has been used. This says so much because the older we get, the more we are set in our ways -- and maybe that is finally changing. Maybe we are finally embracing self-love.

#donttouchmyhair video out now !!!!! Directed by myyyyy boo Alan Ferguson and I �

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So to say we're grateful for Solange's album is a complete understatement. We're thankful that the singer has the type of platform that allows for this fierce but heartfelt memorandum. There are no words for the messages that this album is able to convey, and -- while no one was greater than another -- it was that one that seems to stand out the most for us black women. 


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