Kim Kardashian Takes Drastic Measures After Paris Robbery

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Despite the fact that she prides herself on her work ethic, Kim Kardashian is taking a month off of work after she was held at gunpoint in Paris earlier on this week. According to TMZ, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been "rocked to the core" and once she does return to work, she plans on changing her brand in a big way. 


Insiders are telling TMZ that Kim partly blames herself for the robbery after she flaunted her $4.5 million ring on social media numerous times before the heist. Apparently, when the Selfish author returns from her small sabbatical, she plans on pulling back from social media big-time -- and she won't be nearly as ostentatious as she's always been. According to reports, Kim will no longer be displaying her personal wealth and even plans on dialing it back a bit when it comes to promoting her fashion line. "Material things mean nothing. It's not all about the money," Kim supposedly has told close friends. "It's not worth it."

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While officials are saying that Kim's presence on social media definitely contributed to the burglary, Kim certainly isn't the only person to show off how wealthy she is on Instagram and Snapchat. Tons of celebrities and reality stars are often quick to share their bling with the world. Kim happens to be one of the more famous people to do so, and unfortunately it played a part in something truly terrible happening. 

From the sound of things, Kim is a seriously changed woman after the horrible ordeal -- and how could she not be? It will be interesting to see how her brand changes when she returns to the limelight in a few weeks. It's hard to imagine Kim without all her signature glitz and glamour. But hey, if anyone can change their brand and make it work, it's Kim. 


Image via Neil Warner/Splash News

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