'Middle School' Star Lauren Graham on the Idea of Motherhood on Camera & IRL

Lauren Graham, Middle School movie

It's no secret that Lauren Graham has been pretty booked in recent months with some highly anticipated projects in the works. One we're excited about is Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, in which Lauren plays a single mom named Jules. We've seen her as a mother many times before, but in this role she's forced to lay on the tough love as her family deals with a great tragedy. CafeMom got to catch up with Lauren about the new movie and about dealing with the notion of motherhood IRL -- from having her boyfriend's son in her world to answering prying questions from family during the holiday season.


Yep, we're talking about questions regarding her womb -- the dreaded and inappropriate "when are you going to have kids?" line of questioning that every woman (moms and non-moms) has been subject to at some point in her life. We dug deep so that if you're ever in one of those situations yourself, you can stop and ask yourself: WWLGD -- what would Lauren Graham do? 

Her response to inquiring minds: "If you want to end the conversation you just go, 'Oh, I'll let you know when I know. Pass the turkey.'" It's the perfect one-liner laced with some simple sarcasm that seems true to Graham (or at least her TV personalities).

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However, in all fairness, she isn't totally out for blood upon hearing these types of questions. She reminds us that "sometimes [these personal questions are] just a way to catch up with somebody and connect to them" and most certainly not always meant "to be intrusive." We'll try to keep that in mind at our own Thanksgiving tables.

Lately, though, the 49-year-old actress (who is dating her former Parenthood costar Peter Krause) admits that she doesn't get these questions all that much because she's "too old" -- but, honestly, she's an age we never would have guessed without Google (and that's not just flattery). 

As for a serious answer to the question of wanting biological kids? Well. She tells CafeMom that although there were times when she wanted children of her own, she has zero regrets about the choice that she made to "immerse" herself in her career -- and she remains grateful for the relationships that her roles as a mom have granted her over time:

For me it just worked out great in that I have these wonderful relationships with kids who've played my kids. I [also] have Peter's son. I've really enjoyed having younger people in my life and I feel thankful for what they teach me. They keep me a little bit cool -- at least they keep me knowing the music a little bit. I just feel really thankful for what I have in my life.

While she says she doesn't have any regrets, she does make sure to correct a major misconception about having it all -- the misconception that we can rebel against our biological clock in the name of honoring this new-age modern-woman persona. She explains:

To me, there's a message out there that you can kind of wait as long as you want to have kids, and that's just not always the case. So, I wouldn't say I regret any of the choices, but I definitely was very immersed in my career and the timing didn't present itself. 

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Of course, she's not saying that one lifestyle is better than the other. However, I do believe her message is that you shouldn't recklessly follow this notion telling us that the hourglass never runs dry. You have to really take stock of what it is that you want -- and, if what you want doesn't come all at once, know that sometimes the things we ask for come in different packages. For that we should all just be grateful.

I think that's the lesson we can learn from our time speaking with Lauren Graham, and it's one to think about. 

In the same way that she's grateful for her TV kids, we're so so happy (and thankful) that she got to be our favorite mom time and time again. And we can't wait to see what the future holds for her.

Until then, we can see her Friday, October 7, in theaters in her new movie Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life. Because if Lauren Graham "loves its message," we're pretty sure we all will, too.

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