Odds Are in Favor of a 2017 Kate Middleton Pregnancy

kate middletonThe pressure to be pregnant with baby number three just got a little more intense for Kate Middleton as the Mirror reported that bookies have put odds on when the princess is going to announce a pregnancy. In this frenzy, we cannot help but wonder what Will and Kate think of all this.


We can imagine Will while feeding Princess Charlotte a snack saying something along the lines of "guess we better get on that" in a joking manner and Kate laughing a casual ha ha ha ha ha as she runs after Prince George. Charlotte is only 17 months old and George is 3. Putting bets on anyone's pregnancy announcement is kind of a bad idea.

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But it's still happening. The Mirror reports that an announcement this year now seems out of the question. We're already in October and we have Halloween and a ton of holidays to think about -- Will and Kate probably aren't going to share any news (if there is any) at this time. We are, however, anticipating some incredible holiday pics of the kids in adorable little outfits. Maybe even more photos of them playing in snow. Everyone loves those.

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In case you are a betting type, however, the deal is that the odds for a 2017 announcement of baby number three is 4 to 6; in 2018, it's 3 to 1.

While these predictions seem silly and slightly insane, these same bunch of betting people correctly said there would be a princess as baby number two. Granted, they had 50/50 odds. They also guessed that her name was going to be Alice, so ... see this for what it is.

We all want the royals to have baby after baby because babies are awesome. But we don't want to put any pressure on the princess or anyone when it comes to this. So we'll just carry on and simply await more adorable pics of Princess Charlotte's baby cheeks. Those are a sure thing.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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