'OITNB' Star Samira Wiley Is Engaged & Her Love Story Is Apparently Infectious

This might be the best news we've gotten from Litchfield this year: Orange Is the New Black star Samira Wiley announced she was engaged to her longtime girlfriend-slash-OITNB writer Lauren Morelli, and we did not realize we could be THIS EXCITED for, like, anything. Especially not a celebrity relationship. But these two are perfect, and we're as happy for them as we can possibly be.


Samira and Lauren both shared the same, impossibly sweet photo on their Instagram feeds. If their smiles don't make you smile, there's something wrong:


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The two met on the set of Orange Is the New Black, but at the start of the show, Lauren was married to a man. In an incredibly moving essay for Mic published in 2014, she talked about how writing Piper's story line about falling in love with a woman (and out of love with a man) forced Lauren to face similar realities in her own life. And made her come to terms with her sexual identity, even after 31 years of thinking she had it figured out.

Anyway, she started dating Samira, and the two quickly became one of our favorite celeb couples. Now they're getting married and we really, really, really couldn't be happier for them.

Look at them and their happy sunshine faces!!!

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Poussey deserves an IRL happy ending (especially after getting an story line in the show that we'll keep vague but WAS TRAGIC, UGH), and Lauren and Samira deserve a happily ever after. It looks like they're going to get it, and we're thrilled.

The news comes one day before another Orange Is the New Black star, Laura Prepron, flashed a new ring on the Girl on the Train red carpet:

She hasn't said anything official, but it looks like this is her way of telling us she's engaged to Ben Foster, a boyfriend (now fiancé!) we weren't even sure she had. But it looks like they're definitely official (it was their first public appearance, after all) and definitely engaged, so we're quadruply excited.

Congratulations to everyone!!


Images via lomorelli/Instagram; Photo Image Press/Splash News

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