Prince Harry Says His Life's Work Is to Help Veterans

prince harryPrince Harry isn't about to turn a blind eye on the mental health issues around the world, and he isn't going to let down his fellow servicemen and servicewomen either. Harry is an incredible ambassador to the military and he has said that he wants to dedicate his life to helping those with mental health problems. He wants to inspire change.


Prince Harry, who served in Afghanistan with the British Army, carries that camaraderie with him, and it certainly changed his life. After seeing the perils of war firsthand, he wasn't about to give up on his fellow veterans after they returned home. 

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The Telegraph (UK) reports that Harry shared that there should be more work to help vets with "hidden" injuries. There shouldn't be any stigmas attached to anyone with a mental health issue. He's the one who is not only asking for change, but making it happen. He wants to dedicate his life to helping those with injuries both physical and mental. It's a beautiful thing that Harry founded the Invictus Games, which gives wounded veterans an outlet to compete in sport and strive to be their best selves. That is an invaluable contribution Harry has made, and it doesn't stop there.

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He is the patron of the "Walking With The Wounded Walk" in Britain and wants to make sure that the topic of mental health isn't shrouded with whispers. This walk is about determination, showing the strength of character of veterans; and its goal is to get people to see the future, to look forward to what life will bring and to create new goals. This walk hopes to brings jobs to vets, along with security and confidence.

Harry wants us all to be able to talk about these issues because talking about it leads to more people getting help, more people speaking out, more people coming together to help others. Harry sees the beauty in all people -- he is someone who wants others to see their own value, and how society is better with all of us in it, working together. Because he has been in the military and spends so much time with members of the armed forces hearing their stories and helping to make change possible and positive, this is what he's declared is his life's work. 

He's making a change by being a part of that change. We need more leaders like him.


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