Kate Middleton & Prince William Accused of Being Lazy Parents

kate middleton prince william kidsThere are plenty of examples to have us thinking that Prince William and Kate Middleton are perfectly imperfect parents, just like the rest of us when it comes to raising kids. But because of some comment Will recently made, some are passing judgment on the royals and accusing them of being lazy, let-the-nanny-raise-the-kids kind of parents.


No way.

Like all parents do, Kate and Will talk about their kids, especially to other parents, and it's particularly a favorite topic when you meet people who have kids who are the same age as your own. Some of us can spend hours talking with strangers about the behaviors of our 2-year-olds but freeze when at an event with adults and no kids around. We've been guilty of this. There is just something so delightful about talking about our little ones -- even when we go on date nights, the topic can turn to be just about the kids.

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When the royal fam was on the Canadian island of Haida Gwaii, they visited a hospital and saw a little girl of 3-years-old playing with blocks. Per Us Weekly, Kate said that George, also 3, would love the blocks, too. And William chimed in saying how his kids "don't have much of an attention span, though." And apparently this set off some bells and whistles for some. 

The comment has gossips saying that this must mean Will and Kate are bad parents -- after all, if a kid has a short attention span, blame the parents, right? Wrong. We see right through this nonsense. It's simple, really. Some kids pay attention better than others. And just like full-grown adults, sometimes kids are very focused, other times they are not. Perhaps Will just made that comment without much thought. He wasn't saying that his attention-span-lacking children are little monsters whose lives are like pinball machines bouncing from one thing to another. It was simply a comment. 

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To call Will and Kate lazy isn't very nice. (Manners, people!) They do so much for others at charity event after charity event. Sure they have nannies and hired help, but they are royalty. Comparing ourselves to them is not healthy ... in fact, it's mistake number one in parenting. And so, we're going to just continue to love on all the wonderful work this family does. As we also remain in awe of their kids' adorable cheeks.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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