Katy Perry & Madonna Are Getting Naked to Make Us Vote -- Yep, We're Enjoying This

For all its ups and downs, this election season is turning out to have one major attraction: Celebs are getting real weird to encourage us to get involved in politics. The latest iteration of this is Katy Perry, Madonna, and, oddly, Joel McHale getting naked to encourage you to vote. So, so weird, guys. But also really, really enjoyable.


Katy kicked off the trend (is it too soon to call it a trend? Whatever) when she starred in a "Funny or Die" video about how the Constitution doesn't say you have to be dressed or presentable when you show up to the polls. 

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Joel McHale guest starred toward the end (he was also naked, bless him), and apparently Madonna caught on. She posted two photos: a topless Instagram photo (that was later pulled down) saying she'd be voting naked with Katy Perry, and a strange, Photoshopped pic of her on Hillary Clinton's shoulders saying she'll be casting her ballot (we guess naked?) for Hillary Clinton.

Weird stuff, guys. Weird, weird stuff.

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We're really, really hoping this is a trend that catches on. If we could get all our favorite celebs naked in the name of politics, the world would be a way, way better place.


Image via CafeMom/Facebook

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