Prince William & Kate Middleton Go on Scary Adventure While in Canada

prince william kate middletonWhile in Canada batting lashes with Justin Trudeau and eating some questionably shaped foods, Kate Middleton and Prince William put their lives on the line to take a historic trek on the edge of a railway track. Kate did it in heels.


The walk was next to a historic steam train which was on a bridge over the White Pass and Yukon route. Below them, icy waters. The royals wanted to check out the train which once hosted the queen and Prince Philip back in 1959. The couple checked it out and even blew the steam whistle, by request. The kids were not in tow. 

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When exiting the train, they had to walk along the very narrow path to safety.

From the looks of that photo, it doesn't look that dangerous, but take a look at this one.

kate middleton prince william

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The steam was all around them and they had to walk sideways to navigate the so-called path. One wrong step and they would plunge into the freezing waters. And there is Kate, in some heeled boots, on tiptoes it seems! 

Oh that Kate ... she's just winning our hearts over and over and over again. And we get it. Sometimes a little heel is just a little more comfortable. 


Images via James Whatling/Splash News

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