Celebs Strip for Body Positivity & Their Ad Should Be the New Normal

For the most part, the mainstream is pretty on board with body positivity. The effects of this are widespread -- for one thing, when Lane Bryant was rounding up popular celebs who've broken beauty standard molds for a new ad campaign, they didn't have to look far at all. For another, most people are finally reevaluating their biases and using these women as healthy self-talk inspiration. But "most people" is kind of key here: There are still nasty people hiding in Internet comments and saying terrible things about these celebs -- which, of course, only proves why we need body positivity more.


This new Lane Bryant campaign is called "Shine On," and it stars some of our faves like Ashley Graham, Gabourey Sidibe, Orange Is the New Black's Danielle Brooks, Alessandra Garcia, and Candice Huffine.

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While reading aloud some of the nastier stuff they've had thrown at them via Internet comments, the women in the video strip down to their underwear and prove that they really don't care what anyone else thinks -- they're beautiful, and as long as they know it, all is well.

Hearing Danielle Brooks say, "Have you lost your mind?! [Big] is always beautiful!" is doing unspeakable things to our souls. These are the kind of mantras we all need to internalize (and then somehow force mean people on the Internet to internalize, too). If we can do that, and if we can talk about ourselves and everyone around us in kinder ways, we'll all be better for it. Guaranteed.

We do feel like we're at a point where everyone is kind of catching on to this, and that's made the body-positive movement snowball out of control. Obviously, that's amazing news. We've seen ad campaigns like this one before, but every time there's a new one, it's bigger and better than the last.

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It's also less startling and, to some extent, less newsworthy, which means we're finally starting to see an acceptable amount of body diversity in our media. (Acceptable, but not ideal -- we'll need a lot more before we get there, which Danielle Brooks also explains flawlessly.) So while we love the women and the spirit and the self-love in this ad, we also love that it's kinda almost ... not a big deal anymore.

Still. Watch it. You'll feel better about everything in the world afterward and hopefully get a little more used to this new normal -- because it's officially happening.


Image via Lane Bryant/YouTube

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