Kim Kardashian Attacked in Paris by Same Guy Who Mauled Gigi Hadid

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He strikes again. Not long after Gigi Hadid was attacked last week in Milan while leaving a Max Mara fashion show, Kim Kardashian was attacked by the same man. Vitalii Sediuk ran up to Kim Kardashian in Paris on Wednesday and instead of trying to grab her, like he did with Hadid, he kissed her ass. Literally. 


While Kim was walking up to an event, Sediuk managed to slip past security. He ran up to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, crouched down, and kissed her left butt cheek. Immediately, he was tackled by Kim's security. Kim clearly was happy with the way her team handled things, later tweeting, "My security [guard] is a G."

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Sediuk is a supposed "Ukrainian prankster," who did the same thing -- but worse -- to Kim two years ago in Paris. When she was getting out of the car to head into a fashion show, he tackled her at her legs and tried to knock her down. Again, her security immediately subdued him. Sediuk also has apparently pulled the same thing with other celebs, such as Brad Pitt, Leonard DiCaprio, and Will Smith. Um, funny?

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Even though he's never done "serious damage," it's pretty unsettling that this guy keeps managing to show up at events and get so close to celebrities. Hopefully, this is the last time this happens. And thank goodness Kim has a G on her security team.


Image via KCS Presse/Splash News

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