Kris Jenner Is Ready to Get Rob Kardashian Full Custody of His Baby

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It's getting ugly before it's even started. Not long after word got out that things aren't so good between Rob Kardashian and his baby mama Blac Chyna, it's being reported that Kris Jenner wants to ensure Rob gets full custody of their unborn baby. Mama Jenner supposedly already has high-powered attorneys waiting in the wings to swoop in in case things get nasty. Sounds like Rob and Chyna's family life is off to a great start. 


According to a source speaking to, "Kris and the rest of the family already have an amazing legal team ready to get him full custody of their child!" Apparently, they're worried that Chyna will try to do the same after giving birth and they're not having it. They're preparing as much as possible. 

Neither Rob nor Chyna has confirmed a breakup, but numerous sources have reported that things have been rocky with the couple for the past few weeks. Hopefully, it's just the hormones and the stress of the impending baby causing the couple to fight more. Talk of legal custody already is pretty terrifying. 

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Chances are, after Chyna gives birth she and Rob will try to patch things up for a little while, because #baby. But if things really are as bad as they sound, sadly, there probably will be a custody battle sometime down the road -- and if and when that happens, sounds like Kris Jenner is ready. And it's going to get ugly. 

If it comes down to it, the odds of Rob's getting full custody of their child are pretty slim, but here's to hoping the couple can figure out an agreement that makes everyone happy. Most importantly, the baby. 


Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

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