Kanye West Trashes Taylor Swift at His Concert -- Isn't He Tired of Being an Ass?

kanye west can't let swift feud go

If we could suggest a song for this singer to learn, play, and repeat, it would have to be Frozen's "Let It Go." Why? Because while performing in Taylor's Swift hometown of Nashville, Kanye West got the crowd to sing the lyrics to his infamous song "Famous" three times. In case you forgot, this is the one in which Yeezy says he "made that b*tch famous," and, apparently, he never wants anyone to forget it. 


It was bad enough when his wife, Kim Kardashian, threw Tay Tay under a bus by leaking taped conversations West had with the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" singer discussing his possible use of some lyrics involving her.

Clearly, Kim set out to make a liar of Swift, who originally told the public that the words -- which include the line "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex" -- had a "strong misogynistic message." Based on Kimye's secret tapes, it sounds like Taylor had approved the lyrics. But did she know exactly what he planned to write? The jury is still out on that one! Who knows what the real story is, and, more importantly, didn't you think we'd moved on from it?

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While that whole drama happened months ago, Kanye seems to want to keep reliving it. Listen as West encourages fans to trash the "Bad Blood" singer multiple times:

Can you believe the rapper has the nerve to say, "This is what art is -- saying how you feel"?

Really? Is trashing someone for the sport of it -- and urging thousands of others to do it, too -- really an art form or something you'd want to be known for? Art is supposed to elevate, not denigrate.

Perhaps West is doing his best to make fans forget about his most recent fashion flop, following his New York Fashion Week debacle. 

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Whether you're a member of Team West or Team Swift, any rational person has to feel that this is extremely petty behavior that seems on the border of just plain harassment at this point.

Kanye, you're a grown man and a father of two -- act your age. 

We know no one tells Yeezy what to do, but don't you wish someone could convince this guy that it's time to give it up? Hopefully, Taylor will take her own advice and just "shake it off." Anything else would give this narcissist more of the attention he so desperately craves.

Though if art is really just about saying how you feel, perhaps Swift should pen some lyrics like, "Why does this cry baby keep using me in an attempt to stay relevant?" I'd listen to that!


Image via Neil Warner / Splash News

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