Oh Canada! Kate Middleton Samples Phallic-Shaped Culinary Delight

Talk about diplomatic! Kate Middleton tasted a phallic clam this week, while sampling the culinary delights of Canada's Pacific coast. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge choked down delightfully nibbled a specially prepared geoduck clam, which closely resembles a certain part of the male anatomy.


Kate usually avoids eating in public thanks to the opportunity for unfortunately timed photos, but she made an exception for the giant clam native to British Colombian waters. Geoduck (pronounced gooey-duck) clams are considered a delicacy, despite their unfortunate appearance.

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Seriously, take a look at these bad boys.

The royal couple was attending a food and wine festival in the Okanagan Valley on Tuesday, when they decided to expand their palates a bit. William reportedly remarked of the geoducks, "Presentationally they are quite challenging," which we regard as the understatement of his life.

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However, they were given two bowls of the clams prepared in a Japanese style, and down the hatch it went. Kate commented, "There is a slightly firmer texture to this. It's really unusual. I've never seen it before. It's so fresh from the sea."

Unusual indeed. Major props to the princess for her adventurous culinary spirit.


Images via Splash News & iStock.com/Jonathan Austin Daniels

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