Rob Kardashian Isn't Doing So Well & His Family Is Super Worried

rob kardashian

Well, this isn't good. According to a new report, the Kardashian-Jenner family is really worried about Rob Kardashian, as the sock designer supposedly has packed on about 50 pounds amidst all the drama of his supposed breakup with Blac Chyna. 


Sources are claiming that Rob and Chyna had a nasty breakup in August and the couple has barely spoken since then. According to TMZ insiders, Rob is currently living with mom Kris Jenner and has since packed on the 50 pounds he initially lost when he got together with Chyna -- and then some. Sadly, it's also being reported that Rob has resorted back to his his old reclusive ways and refuses to leave the house or talk to anyone. Not a good sign. 

Recently, Rob tweeted Kylie Jenner's phone number after the family attempted to throw him -- and just him -- a party for his impending baby. Rob was hurt that the mother of his child was snubbed by his family, but supposedly the Kardashian-Jenner clan actually planned two showers -- one for Rob and one for Chyna -- since the couple has barely spoken. Yikes.

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Making matters even more complicated, Rob supposedly missed a work-related event recently, leaving 8-month-pregnant Blac Chyna to promote their show, Rob & Chyna, by herself.

From the sound of things, Rob and Chyna have had a tumultuous relationship from the get-go, so hopefully this is just a rough patch and they'll figure things out before the baby gets here -- which is soon.

Arguing and fighting because you're stressed out is one thing, but full-on not talking or living together is quite another. Get it together, guys. It isn't just about you anymore. You have a little girl on the way. 


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