Duggars Address the Rumor They're Leaving Reality TV

They're still counting on after all. Despite rumors that they're quitting reality TV for good, the Duggar kids reaffirmed this week that Counting On is here to stay for as long as TLC will have them.


The Duggars rarely respond to rumors or controversy about their family's airtime -- like when they supposedly circulated petitions to keep their show on TV -- so this is somewhat of a big deal.

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According to The Hollywood Gossip, Jim Bob and Michelle's kids took to their family blog this week to let fans know that they're not planning on quitting their careers in television anytime soon. After addressing the rumors, they wrote, "Is it true? Not in the slightest. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's children have no plans to leave TLC."

We never doubted it. After all, the kids have practically grown up on camera, and in addition to the paychecks from TLC being their bread and butter, they also enjoy having the opportunity to publicly speak about their faith. 

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However, it will make it pretty hard to spin it as their own idea if they ever do get booted off the air. Multiple advertisers have already refused to run their commercials during the show, thanks to Josh Duggar's multiple sex scandals. The family has wisely kept Josh off the air in the last year, but that doesn't mean the public has forgotten.

Which is why they're wise to focus on story lines like Jinger Duggar's courtship with Jeremy Vuolo. We could watch those two lovebirds gush and make googly eyes all day long.


Image via TLC

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