Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Reportedly Haven't Spoken in Months

Things are apparently not okay between these two. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are still broken up, which explains a lot about why she wasn't at that baby shower this week. According to a new source, the parents-to-be haven't officially called off their engagement (yet), but they aren't speaking to one another.


TMZ reported that Rob, 29, and Chyna, 28, "haven't been speaking for months," which is why the Kardashian-Jenner crew didn't invite her to the baby shower they threw for Rob on Monday night.

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Rob seemed to have a bit of a meltdown after learning that Chyna hadn't been invited to their baby's shower hosted by his famous family, and even tweeted out his sister Kylie Jenner's phone number. Of course, it ended up not being her number, and it's totally possible he was hacked anyway, but it was a bit of a mess. 

Anyway, we're not sure what he was expecting, seeing as he and Chyna apparently haven't spoken since their dramatic falling out this summer. Rumors have been circulating as to what happened -- everything from her cheating to the baby maybe not being his to the simple pressure of producing their reality show together.

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Speaking of Rob & Chyna, the couple reportedly met up briefly before the show premiered but haven't seen each other since. We really hope these two can work it out -- even if they can't work it out romantically, they're having a kiddo together, and that baby deserves parents who can at least get along.


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