Duggars Share Photo of Anna & Josh to Celebrate Their Love

Josh and Anna DuggarWell, that was ballsy! Some Duggar fans are shocked that Michelle and Jim Bob posted a loving photo of Josh and Anna to celebrate their recent anniversary. And while it's pretty safe to say such a pic of the controversial couple is a rare sight these days, are we really that surprised to see mom and dad supporting their union?


It's been eight years since Josh and Anna exchanged their vows, and my, what a journey it has been. Yet through it all, this family remains hopeful that both faith and time can heal all wounds.

Taking to the Duggar Family Facebook page, Jim Bob and Michelle wrote, "Happy Anniversary, Josh and Anna. We are so thankful for God's redemptive love in your lives" as a caption to a pic of the couple.

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Duggar fans also posted warm messages for Josh and Anna showing their love and support.

Given Josh and Anna are trying to make it work, one can only hope they continue to seek the necessary counseling as they're raising four young children.

Who knows, maybe things will get better for these two.


Image via annaduggar/Instagram

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