18 Actresses Who Won't Strip Down for the Camera

While stars like Lena Dunham and Cara DeLevingne are fighting to #FreeTheNipple, other Hollywood celebs such as Blake Lively are defending their right to take a stand against what they deem to be needless nudity in film and television. Some powerful stars, such as Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker, have routinely negotiated no-nudity clauses into their contracts. Others have turned down potential projects when directors or producers refused to accommodate their wish for on-screen modesty. 


Some of these actresses have a moral objection to on-screen nudity, while others feel risqué scenes distract viewers, drawing attention away from their performances. In some cases it's simply a personal comfort issue. Whatever the reason behind their refusal to strip down for the camera, these actresses are defending their right to make choices about how much of their own bodies they want to share with the world.


Image via Splash News

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