19 Celebrities Who Walked Down the Aisle Pregnant

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren
Danny Moloshok/REUTERS

"First comes love, then comes marriage" ... orrrr a baby. These days, many people (celebs included) are doing things their way when it comes to their happily ever after and starting a family. Some opt for the traditional route, donning white attire down an aisle before saying "I do" and heading off to a reception. Others might decide to skip the whole marriage thing and focus on their love without titles documented by the government. And then there are those who find themselves expecting sooner than later and make a mad dash for the married life before baby arrives.

A "shotgun wedding" is thought to be a wedding with a super quick turnaround -- likely because the bride-to-be also happens to be a mom-to-be. Imagery of a loving father "gently nudging" his pregnant daughter's beau -- maybe with a shotgun -- so he can make an "honest" woman out of her might sound archaic to some but still seems to be a thing. In fact, a number of our favorite stars have taken this pathway to "till death do us part," whether it was intentional or not. Some unions stand the test of time, while others end in divorce which might suck, depending on how the people involved feel about each other.

Here's a look at celebrities who took the fast track down the aisle with a bun in the oven and marriage on their minds.

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